Sunday, 16 August 2009

A day in the studio

Whilst we love the sound of the harp on its own (dramatic, versatile and powerful), at the same time, we like to experiment with new things. To this end, we have just recorded three new arrangements for harp with choir and strings. We spent the day at Dean Street studios in London recording the new tracks, first on our own, and then layering the strings and choir on top. We haven't heard the final edits yet, but it was great to hear the added dimension of powerful cellos and basses underneath our rippling chords and arpeggios.

We had added excitement on the day as we were filming the whole experience for a DVD which will be available in the New Year! It will be great for people who have enjoyed our concerts to be able to relive the experience in their own homes, particularly as the harp is such a visually stunning instrument!

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