Friday, 25 March 2011

An 8 harp extravanganza!

Well, our final concert of the month took place last night at The Lights Theatre in Andover where we were performing the final concert of the season for Andover Music Club. To make this concert extra special, the club asked us to bring not only our four concert harps but also our pearlescent white electric harps! This was the first time we have combined both types of harp in one concert, and although we had some concerns beforehand about the practicalities of stage moving between the eight harps, the concert went fantastically well and with enough space on the stage for all the harps to fit with no reorganising needed.

We did encounter an unexpected problem in rehearsals on the electric harps though.... Ellie's harp kept making a lot of 'interference' type noise and we couldn't work out what the problem was. It turned out that her rubber soled shoes were creating lots of static electricity which was being picked up by the harp. Shoes off = problem solved!

We were pleased to have composer Paul Patterson in attendence again. Paul was very pleased with our performance of his piece Avian Arabesques and said that our ensemble playing in the very tricky last movement of the piece was extremely tight which pleased us immensely!

A month's break now before we come back for the next round of concerts in May, June and July.

All 8 harps on stage awaiting our arrival!

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