Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Another triumph for 4G4H!!

Some wonderful words of praise from the organisers following our concert for the Bramley and Little London music festival on 17 June this year....
'They were among the most accomplished of guest
performers, and utterly charming to work with, and
their visit will long be remembered and discussed.
Indeed, I can think of no aspect that could have been
improved -- and how rarely can one say that!
This festival was undoubtedly the best yet, and for the
first time sold-out on every night. Clearly, the musical
mix was just right.
Harriet, Eleanor, Keziah and Angharad surely know
that they were a huge success.
We are in no doubt that they added lustre to the
reputation of our festival, and for that we are
immensely grateful.'

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